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The Bottom Line on the Data Form - Here on Top!

Recording Observations

Learning to identify minerals requires reading and using information in resources, repetitive practice in observing tests of mineral properties, evaluating observations, and choosing a mineral name.

  • The data table form here is limited.

  • The table is labeled to coordinate with procedures and observations made possible by the images and video snips available through this website.

  • An "answer key" is not provided. You may obtain one from your instructor.

Bottom Line: An online Data Form is accessible (below). Most others published in introductory manuals are similar and serve the same purpose.

Errors/Suggestions: Contact Scott Brande (see footer).

Instructions to Students

This study set consists of samples of minerals drawn from a limited bank of common minerals. Additional minerals may be added in the future.

  • Review Testing Minerals to learn how to observe online images and video for characteristic properties of minerals

  • Access unidentified mineral samples in the section Unknowns.

  • Make notes and record observations. Print and use this Data Form, or one issued by your instructor.

  • Compare your recorded observations with an identification chart in your textbook or other resource, OR consult this limited bank of identified minerals with relevant properties.

  • Identify the unknown mineral samples by name by comparing your recorded observations with an identification chart and this limited bank. An unknown sample is identified when its properties most closely match those of a mineral identified and described in the limited bank or your external resource.

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